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Frequently Asked Questions

The pedal harps we play range in weight from 65 to 80 pounds.

Cost of Harp?

How do you Move a Harp?

It is much like purchasing a car, it depends... The ones we play on are like buying a rather nice vehicle.

CAREFULLY! :) We have dollies specially made for moving a harp. A larger vehicle is needed. Balance. Training. And sometimes an extra pair of hands.

Where do You Buy a Harp?

How Long have You Played?

Our harps come from Lyon & Healy, located in Chicago, IL; and Salvi, with facilities split between Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL.

Combined, we have studied and played 70+ years. Some of our teachers include Alice Chalifoux, Danis Kelly, Jara Goodrich and Kansas City Symphony's Debbie Clark.

Weight of a Harp?

How Long have You Worked Together?

We began rehearsing as a duo in 2009, just for fun. We then formed Harp2Harp in 2011.

Harp Information
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